Firstly, who are Oscar n Ollie? Well, they are my two eldest grandchildren who are now aged 9 and 6 years.

The whole journey started when my lifelong love of BBQ foods, worldwide flavours and of course fried chicken wings (I mean why wouldn’t you?) crossed over with my love of spending time with my grandchildren. I have always loved fried chicken and especially buffalo wings and chicken tenders and I have cooked food with the boys since they were young. So, I started to research and play around with seasonings because although I love fried chicken…my cholesterol and waistline don’t! I wanted to create a way of making delicious, coated chicken wings and tenders but without having to deep fry them in oil.



After many, many attempts and family tasting sessions we finally settled on the blend of our delicious Original Chicken Coating. This was the basis for opening Oscar ‘n’ Ollie’s Baked Chicken Wings shop in Weston-super-Mare…but unfortunately the Covid pandemic decided that that we shouldn’t have a shop and it closed down after just one year.



But everything happens for a reason…and I am not one to give up…so, I decided to work on more seasonings to expand the range and keep the Oscar ‘n’ Ollie’s dream alive…I wanted to create something lasting for my grandchildren, so this is it.

Delicious and mind blowing seasonings delivered right to your door. Everything is hand blended in small batches using only the best natural ingredients. My grandsons still help me with the packaging today. Our range will keep expanding, the flavours will keep exploding and you? well you will enjoy the awesome experience that is Oscar ‘n‘ Ollie’s.

Thank you so much for your support on the journey so far. Always made with love from our family to yours.